Mount Baker

It was gray, foggy and began to rain. Why on earth did I want to do this again, I wondered? Weather in the mountains can get pretty moody and this is just what we ran into on our approach to base camp. We took the railroad grade trail up. And although mostly snow-covered in mid June, the snow at lower elevation was melting fast. This made for an interesting trek with our full packs as we broke through countless snow bridges. Once we reached base, and the clouds started to part a bit. The excitement of knowing I was about to get a chance to climb Mount Baker left any suffering down wind.

Our classroom and camp shown below

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Our Engagement Story

Okay so this post is a little different from what this blog is all about. However this project wouldn’t be possible without the love and support of my amazing better half and the following is a story about how we got engaged. 

Te Anau, NZ

We decided to walk into town from our small little apartment style hotel room we were staying in while visiting Te Anau. This was the start of the second leg of our adventures in New Zealand. It was a sunny Saturday and we had a helicopter ride scheduled first thing Sunday morning to take us around Milford sound.( For those of you who don’t know about Milford Sound, it’s a vast array of beautiful fjords that meet with the Southern Alps) The time was ten after two and Bre mentioned we should check in with the helicopter company about tomorrow’s flight. The lady at the counter pulled up our reservation and said a storm was moving in and it was a little unknown at this point. She checked the Continue reading “Our Engagement Story”

Mt. Pugh or Bust

The excitement after 5300′ of gain!

An overdue summit

I am sure most hikers would agree when I say some of my favorite quotes are from Edmund Hilary. One in particular has always stuck with me “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” and this has also set a tone for myself in my accomplishments and goals in life. However this isn’t always the case, as with my last trip. I decided to finally hike up Mt. Pugh in the North Cascades. Continue reading “Mt. Pugh or Bust”

Training with friends the Hidden Lake way

Any normal person will tell you that a pet peeve of theirs is when someone breaks plans. And as a person who lives with Crohn’s disease I often feel hypocritical of this when it is myself who has to cancel due to my body needing some rest.  So when I do get the opportunity to have an outing with great people, and doing something I love on top of it all. I have to enjoy every minute of it, and this past backpacking trip to Hidden Lake I did just that!

The hidden alpine lake

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Rainier and the CFC Project

A Little Backstory

Living in the northwest I have always been blessed with the opportunity to be hiking in the mountains on a whims notice. Growing up I still remember my dad taking me on adventures to Mt. Si and ever since then dreams of conquering other mountains started to arise. Having conquered Mount Shasta my current goal is as you may have guessed is to summit Mt. Rainier. Continue reading “Rainier and the CFC Project”